General Information

  • Reservation
  • Fees
  • Regulations


Category Weekdays: Monday ~ Friday (Except closing days) / Weekends: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
Reservation Period Weekdays: Only on Tuesdays three weeks in advance for golf reservations from Monday to Friday
Weekends: Only on Thursdays three weeks in advance for golf reservations between Saturday and Sunday
Reservation Time From 9:00 to 14:00
Reservation via Internet
Confirmation At 17:00 via SMS on the day of registration
Contact +82 31 581 4000
Opportunities to Reserve Remaining Sessions Remaining hours can be reserved on the day of registration after 17:00

Local Rules

Games are carried out according to the following rules
  1. AOB – White stakes
  2. BWater Hazard – Yellow stakes
  3. CLateral Water Hazard – Red Stakes
  4. DGround Under Repair – White Lines
    - Balls in the following areas are relieved of penalty: Artificial structures, such as garden bed, drainage,and manhole within the course premises and grass repair and support sites near the trees.

    - Direct approaches to the green at Hole No. 7 in the Nut Pine Course are not allowed due to safety measures.

    - All other rules apply the regulations of the Korea Golf Association.


Unit: Korean Won, Including VAT
Category Weekdays Weekends (including Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays)
Full Member 22,620 22,620
Full Family Member 22,620 22,620
Family Member 144,000 245,000
Weekday Member 70,000 245,000
Weekday Family Member 100,000 245,000
Non-member 190,000 245,000

* Cart fee 90,000/Team

Concierge Fee

Category 4 Bags / 1 Concierge
Concierge Fee 120,000 / team

Club Etiquette

Arrive 40 minutes before tee off and attachment of name tags
Members can relax and enjoy their rounding when arriving on site 40 minutes before tee off. For late arrivals, please notify our staff or front desk in advance.
It is highly recommended that members attached names tags on both the caddie bag and Boston bag.
Dress Code
Neat and elegant attire is advised in the club house.
At the Entrance
Members are advised to open car trunks at the entrance for our staff to dismount the caddie bags.
At the Car Park
Member cars should be parked by members. It is advised that car keys be checked at the front desk for our staff to mount golf bags back on the car after rounding.
At the Front Desk
At the front desk, please check your reservation name and time, sign, and pick up locker keys.
Express Check-in Services are also available for members who registered their game partners in advance through our website.
Soft Spikes Advised
Please wear soft spikes to protect the courses’ grass and facilities.
Request for Cooperation
It is recommended that players and members attend the games in a consistent manner. Bets may hinder the smooth flow of games for both your and other teams.
Request to Comply with the Club’s Concierge Services and Etiquette Regulation
The staff at Ananti Golf Club cordially requests all customers to comply with the given concierge services, such as those related to Local Rules, customer safety, and golf rounding. Players are requested to rake bunkers and repair greens that they played on.
Food and Beverages Not Permitted
For a pleasant rounding for all players, food and beverages are not permitted.
Usage of Mobile Phones
Please consider other golfers when using mobile devices, such as cell phones, in the club house and within the course premises.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

As the most prestigious golf club in Korea, the staff at Ananti Golf Club thanks all guests for your constant encouragement and support. Members of the Ananti Golf Club have most thankfully demonstrated the utmost level of etiquette in various aspects. However, some guests have displayed the opposite. The staff at Ananti Golf Club will make concerted efforts to manage such actions through a strict reservation and cancellation policy and hence, request all members for your cooperation and support.

Breach of Etiquette and Cancelation of Reservation

Contents Period for reservation unavailable
Illegal use of membership 8 weeks
NO-SHOW 8 weeks
Cancellation on the day 8 weeks
1 day before cancellation 6 weeks
2 days before cancellation 5 weeks
3 days before cancellation 4 weeks
4 days before cancellation 3 weeks
본인 미 내장 4 weeks
5 days before cancellation 2 weeks
6 days before cancellation No penalty (Weekdays) / 1 week(Weekend)

Other Policy

Should members or its rounding partners conduct the below actions or breach policy, the member who made the booking may be given penalty.
  1. 1. Interference due to a considerable delay during rounding or any form of noncooperation
    • - Delay in play to cause a gap of more than a hole’s play between teams and making complaints after arriving at the club after the reserved time.
    • - Making large bets that reminds of gambling, delay in play due to drinking, loud singing, etc.
  2. 2. Selling off reservation to a third party of person
  3. 3. Deliberately damaging the club’s facilities, grass premises (tee, fairway, and green), and equipment.
  4. 4. Cases of severe breach of etiquette policy
    • - Treatment to staff, including harassment, curse, assault, and nonacceptance of reasonable requests.
    • - Attire (shorts, flip flops, sleeveless t-shirts, and revealing clothes) not acceptable on the club’s premises.
    • - Bringing in food and beverage.
    • - Smoking and leave cigarette